Song Cuts and Lost Scottie Dogs Podcast

Hey y'all,

Don't ya hate it when you find a product you absolutely love and then they discontinue it?!  I love Trader Joe's... a lot.  But, TJ, you're letting me down!   The two things that I make a special trip for -- and never waiver on -- are their coffee and little black Scottie dog licorice candy.  They seem to no longer carry my Scottie dogs.  Grrrrr.   I've been on a new vegetarian (okay... truthfully, more of a pescetarian) kick since late fall, and this candy was my only dietary cheat (okay, okay... other than a little some red wine).  I know, I know... white girl problems.  But, seriously, if y'all find those Scottie dogs in your local TJ, give me a shout!

In other news, I found out that the beautiful, talented, and lovely Danielle Peck cut a song of mine for her upcoming album.  It's a song I wrote with my friends Chuck Jones and Derek George called, "Kiss Me Like You Miss Me."  I am psyched that Danielle cut it  because we have known each other for years and I think she is a doll!  I'm also super excited that she has the brilliant Lari White at the production helm. 

And if you're in the Charlotte area, I'm coming your way on March 8th, opening for my friend and hit songwriter, Patrick Davis, at the Evening Muse. You can get tickets here in advance -- which I recommend, because Patrick's shows sell out.  Other upcoming dates are listed on my tour page.  I'm looking to fill a few dates in May around Memorial Day Weekend, if anyone is in the SC, NC, GA, or TN areas and wants to book a house concert.  Hit me up!

Welp, I thought it would be fun to let y'all hear something new I've been working on and include a worktape of a song I recently wrote with a great artist and writer named Ann Marie Boskovich.  Many thanks to Park Chisolm for his production and letting us take over his studio.  Ann Marie is recording a new project right now and just finished shooting her first music video.  She's been touring with Kip Moore, Chris Young, and other great artists, so be on the lookout and catch a show.  She's awesome.

Cheers and Happy Presidents Day!

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  • Doug gill

    Doug gill

    Congrats on the cut Gal. Sounds like you and Chuck are clicking.
    Congrats on the cut Gal. Sounds like you and Chuck are clicking.